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Kappa Italian Sportswear

Kappa began in Italy in the 60s and has kept that old-school vibe alive through the years. Their iconic tracksuits have stood the test of time - as cool now as they ever were. The unmistakable logo of two people sitting back-to-back is known as the Omini logo. It was inspired by the silhouettes of two people during a swimwear photo shoot, and it has grown to stand for equality and support for one another in sport. The brand offers bold, strong and street-cool looks for both men and women.

Kappa: From Head to Toe

From caps to clothes, accessories to trainers, Kappa does it all and does it well, giving you a complete look. Everything features the famous logo, whether it's on an all-over print on a t-shirt, or a small subtle logo on a belt. Hoodies and tracksuits are a must for any casual wardrobe and you'll find plenty in the collection. T-shirt dresses and cropped sweatshirts provide a casual look for women with an edge. The footwear collection ranges from old-school sneakers to subtle skate designs. Trainers range from the classic two-tone design that the brand has used for years to shoes that are sleek with a laid-back feel that you can dress up with a smarter outfit or wear every day. Add in a selection of hi-tops and slides, and you'll be sure to find a pair that suits you.

Kappa for the Fearless

Kappa is a standout brand that never shies away from bright colours and bold designs. The brand has a classic hip-hop vibe that gives you a strong look every time. The clothes are for those confident in their style, and wearing Kappa is a powerful and confident statement. Track tops or leggings with a row of logos running down the arm or leg gives you an unmissable look. The brand constantly reinvents itself and launches new products to fit in with the current trends. This makes them a standout brand in the casual sportswear world.

Kappa at Foot Locker

Why buy Kappa from Foot Locker? Because we offer the best choice from every collection and always give you great deals. For Kappa trainers, tracksuits, and more, you can always rely on Foot Locker to bring it.