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Summer Sports

Summer of Sports

At Foot Locker we truly want to Raise the Game for basketball players and communities across Europe. We have been investing in players, coaches and organisations that drive the sport forwards. Working closely to amplify their efforts and investing in the street courts they call “home”.

In Barcelona and Paris we have created places for the community to come together and claim the court as their own with a unique identity for each.

In Paris, the 10th Arrondissement is at the heart of the streetball scene. Working with local artist Etienne Bardelli, the Balti Zone court was given a makeover taking inspiration from public art sculptures from Bardelli’s neighbourhood. 

The result is an eye-popping red and black asymmetrical patterned blacktop surface, but it is not just about aesthetics. Fresh court markings were provided, along with new hoops, complete with Perspex backboards, spring loaded rims and solid long-lasting posts.

To celebrate the launch of the court, we worked with Sons of Jemmapes - a crew of local players and coaches who are the anchor of the hoops community around the Balti Zone - to provide an event which saw more than 100 people roll through. It’s a vibrant and diverse crowd, in their own words “it doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 77, whether you’re from Paris or can’t speak a word of French. You will always be welcome to ball with the Sons at the Balti Zone”.

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Parc del Poblenou, a beachfront basketball hub at the intersection of different communities was in need of a little love. Working with artist Jotaerre has produced one of the most eye-catching courts in all of Spain. It is inspired by the feeling of spending a whole day hooping with friends, from sunrise to sunset. Showing all the colours of the Barcelona sky that silhouettes the backboards.

To mark the completion of the court, Streetball Barcelona Saints (SBS) put together a five week programme of basketball clinics and off court activities. Polliro, a freestyler, showed off his skills, street artist Laia produced a live mural, Paula, a sneaker artist, customised participants’ kicks, and Marc Garcia, Guillem Sanchez and Marc Jover showed off their bounce with a dunk contest to remember.

We look forward to supporting more local streetball courts for years to come. Because these aren’t just courts, they’re communities.

Raise The Game.