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Powered by You Adika


Our world has always been evolving. Nothing remains the same. It's just... nature. Right? But in which direction is our reality changing? This is something that we need to define. As people of the modern age, we are aware of the power of unity. We learned it through history. Now, we just need to believe in ourselves. At Foot Locker, we launched Powered By You. With this new collection, we aim to offer you outfits that allow you to express your potential, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexuality, size and ability. Progress can only be possible if we unite. So together, let's make this world a more tolerant, inclusive, and equal place.

Kicking off International Women’s Day this March, Powered By You is featuring its first artist: Adika, an Amsterdam-based singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer. Through her art, Adika is driving change and elevating the power of women. We become highly inspired by the energy, movement, and dynamics of the dancers to showcase our new collection. Adika and her friends, Mimi, Caissa, Sue-Ella, and Sierra, are wearing new pieces from Foot Locker’s own collection, COZi, to perform some fresh dance moves on TikTok. Check them out!

Additionally, on this International Women’s Day, our Striper, Shen from Essex, is giving you her expertise on how to style Powered By You pieces. Shen studied National Diploma Level 3 in Performing Arts and has used her knowledge in other areas of her dance career. She also has features with celebrities and on TV, but her main focus in posting dance content on social media. Dancing empowers Shen to express herself and put a dent in this universe.

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