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Have you ever tried making your own music? Well, it's no secret that there are some technical aspects that you need covered before creating beats. What if you could have access to a professional tool, and exclusive sounds from top music producers?

This year, to celebrate Nike Air Max, we offer you the opportunity to create your own beats with Soundtrap, a music making platform where you can create high quality projects. In addition, two of the best music producers, JAE5 from London and Young Miles from Milan, have put together exclusive music packs for you to use while making new beats, record audio on top of them, or simply explore where they take you.

To try this out, we invited Luigi, our Striper from Milan, in Italy. Passionate about music, Luigi created his own song by mixing sounds provided by the producers and accessible at the AIR MAX HUB. He is now telling us everything about the unique experience he had with Young Miles. Discover every step of Luigi's music making journey... His inspiration, tips, advice, and how long it took him to get the final version.

Luigi's song inspired by Air Max is now available for you to listen on Foot Locker's website. When will you share yours? Use #LoopDropsFL to share your music with Foot Locker community.

Start making your own music today. Get exclusive sounds on the AIR MAX HUB to explore, mix, make a mess, and be creative.